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Posted on: 05/03/22 21:09:31
Last edited: 05/03/22 21:09:31

Oh my God ! It’s my last day of school ! Well, I still have another day tomorrow but we’re practically doing nothing! I still have like 3 final exams that I’ll be doing this Friday or the next week.

But whateveeeer ! Today I’ve given myself the day. I had a ‘fiesta de cereal’ (yes, a cereal party) ! Everyone just brought a ton of sugary cereals, milk, almond milk, other kinds of liquids that are called milk but I don’t think are actually milk, toppings, spoons, bowls, and glasses for drinking and apparently serving the cereal !?

But it didn’t really feel that good. I feel kinda bad because I was supposed to bring cereal and other stuff but I did not.

But now I feel bored. Yet with self-guilt, because I am not doing what I am supposed to. I have some not-yet-done calculus assignments that are not difficult, yet too easy. And that doesn’t motivate me to keep on going. I’ve probably already passed the subject, and now I just need to take the final exam and if I want finish those calculus exercises. Which will most likely serve as practice, which does help.

But why am I here? Just to suffer ? Who knooowwws mate! Also, I watched a tv show for the first time in a while. And with another human being. With a friend, actually. I watched the 2nd episode of Mr. Robot (2016). I’ve already finished the show, yes, the whole four seasons. It really brings out very dark yet astonishing thoughts within your mind. I don’t want to talk about it because I could spoil it. If you want to watch it it’s available on amazon prime. But hey, if you don’t want to give your money to one of the biggest e-commerce shopping conglomerates around the world just send me an e-mail and maybe I’ll let you copy off the downloaded episodes I have. (Don’t worry, I still pay for amazon prime and I did watch it there first so -some - money will definitely be going to the actors/director, etc…)

And the scenes. The writing style of the show. Very beautiful. Or maybe I’m just so fucking biased and I praise this show like no other because I haven’t watched that many dramas. Well, I’ve also watched House M.D. Yep, the whole eight seasons, baby! It gets boring after a while. But point is, Mr. Robot is. And if you want you may watch it, but I must say it does include sensitive and/or disturbing content.

But that’s what a good show is, right ? One that actually questions your being, existence and merely mixes you in with the feelings and does not merely end and your mind says: “Oh well we’re done here.” No, your mind Will want more!.

I think that’s enough blogging for today, plus dependencies.

So no, I’m not done bloggging yet.


Dependencies are weird. This is some kind of buzz-word. A real one, actually. It stands for what it means. At least in software. A software, a program, or a set of programs, may depend upon other programs to function. Libraries, let’s say. Frameworks, etc…

And there’s this thing called dependency hell, from the internet discussions I’ve read it’s mostly within the front-end web developing space. But it could also happen in the backend. Certain software requires certain, very specific, cryptic - even -, versions of the software and sometimes software collides with other software. Libraries are just collections of minified code (sometimes not even minified) or maybe even compiled and using a shared library. But there’s just a gigantic web of tech stacks that we utilize on a daily basis. That is why I strive for minimalism within my life.

Although sometimes extreme minimalism may lead to extreme dependencies, which I am trying to - most definitely - get away from. Are friends dependencies ? definitely !! They most of the time are. We sometimes need them. Friends are there when needed, right ? But sometimes they’re always needed. Of course, that is bad, that’s dependency hell.

Sometimes your thoughts wander way too much and you don’t have time to talk that much to people yet you’d love to talk more and more and more yet time is of the essence. And so is my life and so is theirs.

But generating dependencies is sometimes bad. when some of the code is very simple to make, but tedious, you may go to using libraries. But if a develper rants about not being paid enough money and shutting down all his very minimalist packages and shutting down very popular web services that says that something’s very wrong in the developer space. Not only for the fact that this guy’s not being paid enough ( which is meh ), but also because the developers who were using his code did not plan ahead.

But hey, take my comments with a fucking grain of salt cause I’m still in high school if that counts. But maybe I’ll get a headstart, I’m trying to get an internship.

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