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No: a Poem by yours truly

Posted on: 08/12/22 00:11:57
Last edited: 08/12/22 00:11:57

Oh my, oh my,
with no path for myself,
I got nowhere but the void to go to,
overinformed by everyone,
just wanting to go to the snow,

Oh my, Oh my,
what a free world we live in,
is society doomed?
or am I?

Should i live by critique?
Or by desire?
am I good enough for you?
Is this right?
this wrong?
like this?
like that?
I’m a lazy human for not doing my part!

is there an end?
am I dying?
feels more awkward everyday…
rarely entertaining…

oh my oh my,
I love my nationality,
but rarely do I feel identified,
am I American?
rarely do I with humans near me,
I don’t even know any anthem by heart!
I should work harder, but not that much!
or I’ll become a workaholic!
and maybe will be called a psycho!

should I stop contemplating?
and just do stuff?
maybe… maybe not.


Made by: trevCan

originally posted on twitter on February the 10th, 2021.
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