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Logging in to day

Posted on: 10/13/22 21:39:32
Last edited: 10/13/22 21:39:32

Hello, world!

You know, there was a big gap of history and life between this post and the post before it: Not on the melancholy hill. I guess I could say that I honestly felt like shit between those two times but I don’t really feel like doing that. What i feel like doing is telling a story. A story of now, of a recent now. Not a yesterday but of today. Of what I did for me and for others the day of today. That’s right, not the morrow (yes it’s an actual word look it up), not the yesterday but today. What happened today and maybe what will and what i want to happen.

a new beginning

(not-so) So yeah, a not so new beginning. I had three alarms set for today. One at exactly 06:59, another one at 07:00, another one at 07:01. That was it. This was the day I was actually going to shower fucking early, have the time of my life and get to my exam on time and maybe study and chat with my friends. But you know what ? You know what ? Laziness got me!

Damn laziness got me !!! I didn’t get up. I kept looking at the time. Ok, 07:01. Should I get up now ? Nah, it’s too early! Let’s keep sleeping ! Eventually, my mom said hello and told me to get up. I tried, I hugged her. I kinda got up. Then I fell asleep. Again. and Again and again.

I tried getting up. I looked at my phone constantly. I was sleepy but I was waking up at approximate intervals of five minutes and looked at my phone and said “it’s too eary to get up and shower, let’s sleep more.”. Until I kinda overslept and I showered at 08:00. I was supposed to be eating and making breakfast by 08:00. A little embarassing for myself. But then I relaxed because what’s the worst that would happen ? That i’d arrive late to school ? Wow, what a naughty irresponsible boy who misses class and arrives late late late! what a bad boy !

Well yeah, call me an ass or whatever. Sometimes that’s me. And that day it was. My sister was also hoping to get early but at the end we both did things that made us late and we don’t blame each other really, it just happens. Constantly kinda which is bad and we should work on it. But hey that’s life. Anyways, I got to breakfast. I was already pretty late. I exited the bathroom and it was like 08:25. So I tried to dry the water off my head with the towel. I don’t like hair dryers. They make too much noise. It boggles me. maybe there’s a better translation for the Spanish word aturdir. So I put on some clothes, tried to make it fast. Tried to gather all my shit. Then headed down to the kitchen. It was late indeed so I thought of an easy breakfast. That took me like two minutes probably. Just to think of it for some reason.

So i decided to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Peanut Butter. Jelly. Bread. PBJ Sandiwch. PJ Sandwich. that’s it. That was it. I also ate an apple. A whole apple. While the bread was toasting I thought of going to my bathroom to wash my teeth because I sure as hell wasn’t going to finish that sandwich at my home.

So I went off to wash my teeth. Then I headed down and got to work on my sandwich. I had a bread lid and a normal bread thingy. I thought about what to put on each. Since it would be peanut butter and jelly. I do one side for each. But the lid has much less surface area. Or at least less apparent surface area. And it is curved. I thought of putting more peanut butter jelly so i went for the normal bread slice and then put the jelly on the bread lid. Then I smashed them together and tadaaa we have a fucking peanut butter jelly sandwich, right!?

Ok yeah let’s go! And off I went with my sister! She drove. I wanted her to drive because I just wasn’t feeling like driving. I feel like I drive bad sometimes and this was just a signal to not drive today I guess.

And my sister asked me to read something for her. Some bullshit reading about hacktivism in Mexico ? I barely read a page and the abstract. It was fine but too scientifically journalistic for me. Cut the bullshit, get to the chase.

Stop trying to re-define terms and actually say something of importance. No one wants to read a distilled shit-tasting article without any written substance. It’s gotta tell a story! Everything has to tell a story! This was storyless. Technical reading, storyless. Not so interesting.

yet it still intrigued me so I sent it to my phone since I was reading from my sister’s phone. Then we arrived. My sister had to get to class - I did to but who cares - so I took the car and parked it all the way to disney (that’s what we call the far end of the parking lot). And then I got to class.

We worked on modelling projectile motion from rocks that are launched from a volcano with variable angle and air density and velocity of course! And it worked pretty nicely, I understood the formulas. I am proud of that code.

And we ordered it with functions and shit and used one single for loop and structured everything so that we don’t forget what the actual fuck the code does and yes. I am proud of doing that with my friends.

We had some hiccups here and there but our teacher came to the rescue and our mistake was that we were trying to access a vector value where there wasn’t even a vector and for some reason the matlab interpreter doesn’t give a fuck and just errors out once it sees it! Another bad thing about non-compiled languages - I think.

After that I had a bite of my sandwich. Then I went to the bathroom because I wanted to poop real bad. And of course the bathrooms are full of shit, they either smell like shit or they work like shit! I really wish that no one made automatic bathrooms ! Really, it doesn’t do any good.

The sensors aren’t well made or well calibrated. I constantly get bathrooms that are always flushing when I sit down. I physically have to touch and leave my palm on the sensor for it to stop. That’s really annoying. And then how am I supposed to clean myself while doing that ? The position that I’m in is very uncomfortable with one arm twisted in opposite direction of where I’m looking and another hand to clean ? That’s bad, very uncomfortable.

And then I kinda get shame. Because some guys make fun of people because the bathroom just keeps flushing ! It really does ! I’m not making a prank, I’m not filling the toilet up with toilet paper and making it flood. No, I’m actually using a bathroom for what it was meant to be but not it has to be me who gets the always-flushing-bathrooms (trademark pending!)!!!

AAAhhh. anyways, this takes a while. maybe 10 minutes. Then I head back to class. Technically the same class but this class is over because the first two hours it’s with one teacher and the next two is with another one. With this other teacher we’re having a physics exam!! Ahhh, for some reason people say i’m his favorite but i’m ashamed because I barely get any knowledge from the class. I don’t understand. Some people say it’s the teacher. some days i am inspired to take in knowledge and i keep making questions and i get the answers right but others like today like in this exam i was unable to answer my own questions. And even though I asked the teacher I still wouldn’t get it. I mean, after all it’s my mind who has to get it. Right ? Who on earth has to get this knowledge more than anyone in order to get a passing grade on the subject ? Well, me, of course.

So it didn’t really go well in the exam, alright ?

Yeah, the end. Oh no wait I’m gonna tell more because why not.

So I turned in the exam. Only three questions. But it was digital, so I couldn’t go back to see or choose my previous answer or question.

I had to do one by one. I was getting tired and I kinda re-did each question twice but still wouldn’t get the answer. It was multiple-choice and my answer wasn’t there! So I just kept on going to the next one. Did i say it was only three questions ? That’s too little i guess. Or too much. Don’t know.

Anyways, the class isn’t even over but I turn it in like 35 minutes early. We had like two hours to turn it in. I didn’t want to fuck with my mind. If i don’t know something, I don’t know it so I acknowledge it. I’m not goning to keep on fucking with my mind and drilling into it until I get an answer I don’t understand. I’m not gonna do that. At least not today.

So I give up i turn it in 35 minutes early and I finish that peanut butter jelly sandwich because really I only had like four bytes max. I go into the sun I sit on a weird-angled bench and i finish eating it. I’m about to smear my face mask with some jelly so I put the mask aside so that I don’t dirty it up. I finish eating. I like what I’m eating. I like the sun. I enjoy the sun. Then I go to walk around. Then I try doing some exercises but I don’t really get these exercises that are on a web platform and the explanation is pretty bad. Later in the day one question will be solved with the help of a good friend who actually explained to me what the fuck was going on ? or maybe i made too many quesitons idk but thanks for helping me, Alice. Anyways, I try to continue on but actually I have like 70 emails in my student email inbox so I try clearing them. Most of them is spam of international programs, events that I don’t really care about. They literally re-send the shit just not giving a shit. It’s practically spam. Oh yeah and did I mention those were just like in three days ? Three days of OFFICIAL spam email. So fucking annoying.

Anyways I finish up. Now I go to eat. It’s 14:00 by now. that’s two o'clock. I go to the cafeteria. To eat well, because I should eat well. And I have class at 15:00 (three o'clock). And I find a friend. Actually, two friends. i salute each. I eat with one of them. can you guess who ? I meet some people. i forgot their names. i don’t know why.

anyways, I try to talk to them, socialize. I try, I try. I kinda succeed. I don’t feel bad about myself so that’s good. Then i finish eating. shit i was supposed to give office hours to a guy about programming. to tutor him basically because I don’t have an official course this guy is taking or something. I’m not a paid teacher but I know programming and he was looking to get some explanation to a problem. But i was still eating. the situation was unfortunate. We didn’t even meet. it was too late. i was kinda late for my class. I could have taken longer and met with the guy because my class always starts late but for some reason i wanted to get there early. Anyways, we reschedule. Hopefully no one dies.

And so my class at 15:00 begins. Boring, boring boring. Videos about cells. Sleep. Kinda wake up. Rocking my neck up and down. Rocking it fast up because I wake up. I cannot find a stable position on which to sleep. That is annoying. The teacher calls my name. Not me but she says my name but wait it is actually me. Am i supposed to wake up ? I’m sleeping I think she’s looking at me. Oh shit i’m awake now. awkward thinking.

anyways she still keeps talking. goes on with the class. class ends. ta-da. i go to walk. i meet with some friends. I talk a little more. now this is were a friend helps me with the homework and tells me to meet them somewhere because right now i’m with other friends. so i say goodbye and i go to look for the friend who’s helping me out with this assignment and i take a while, really. i couldn’t find her until i did, i guess. right ?

anyways, she tutors me, we talk a little here and there about life. enjoyable. then she leaves, i stay trying to solve the next question but i get stuck. i kinda give up. I send an email to my teacher asking for some office hours and asking for him for an extension of the assignment. He does not respond. then i call my sister. My sister is in the car. I want to leave. but she’s on-campus and she’s moving the car closer. So i tell her not to leave the car so that the engine keeps running but she does in fact turn off the engine because why not i guess ? then she starts looking for some stuff in the passenger seat. She takes a while. I want to leave. I’m awkwardly standing there. She eventually finds whatever she’s looking for and I leave. We say goodbye.

We shall meet again, sibling.

And then I get home and I drink some water. I was going to watch netflix but lo and behold my teacher has spoken. he can do office hours now. that was 10 minutes ago that email was received. I suppose i can still make it. ok, i set up the virtual meeting and off we go. he does in fact connect like five minutes after i send out the email (probably less) and well that was pretty fast. he clears up some doubts well i think i cleared them on as i was saying them. I guess so ? Maybe he felt bad of not explaining full-on to me. maybe. maybe not. as i was saying the doubts they cleared up in my head so that was good. and then cool . finish. finish meeting. finish meet. finish exercises. finish more exercises. continue exercises. why isn’t this working. meet mom. mom arrived. talk to mom whilst doing exercises. pay some attention to mom. talk to mom. go back to exercises. keep talking to mom while doing some exercises. and maybe i’ve written too much.

good bye.

the end.

and well not really hahah.

After that my mom realized that i was kinda busy so she told me ok finish up there with your exercises you seem like a responsible person for this single instance of time so why not let you be right now. so i finish up on those exercises. i feel good about myself. I start watching youtube. i find an interesting video on calculus. kinda boring the last quarter but hey i expected something different not that bad eh. then i think of writing this and hopefully i finish writing this ‘today’ blog post and i publish it. the end;

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