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make Cheese Garlic Bread

Posted on: 05/01/22 14:15:28
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Note: This is a verbatim copy off the recipe found in the description off this video.

Cheese Garlic Bread

*** Please note that I have written down the expected questions as TIP.

You make your own fluffy bread, and the bread you eat when it’s warm is really delicious. The combination of the subtle garlic scent and the ever-stretching mochi cheese is the best. It’s not difficult to knead so let’s make it together~

*** Weighing is scale (g), rice spoon (tbsp), teaspoon (tsp) weighing.

[Diameter 22cm] ✤ Ingredients for dough -200g Bread flour -1 Egg (can be omitted/replaced with milk) -20g Sugar (2tbsp) -4g Instant yeast (1tsp) -3g Salt (1tsp flat) -80ml Warm milk -30g Unsalted butter at room temperature

✤ Garlic sauce -1tsp Minced garlic -1tsp mayonnaise -1tsp sugar -0.5tbsp Chopped green onions -1tbsp Egg (can be omitted) -13g Unsalted butter at room temperature

✤ Topping -140g Mozzarella cheese

✤ TIP -Use bread flour as much as possible. plain flour has a less fluffy texture. -Fermentation can be done by soaking in warm water. -The airfryer temperature is similar to that of the oven. Adjust the temperature while looking at the color.

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