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Posted on: 03/26/22 16:38:28
Last edited: 03/26/22 16:38:28

Disclaimer: there’s swearing and sensitive topics (including suicide) dont kill yourself

You, Hector from the future. do not die. do not willingly kill yourself. why did you not win ? you asshole, man!

You really fucked up by not uploading those extra bytes of code. didn’t ya ? or was it because of the f'ed up corruption.

Point is, Hector, if you are ever trying to kikk yourself, do not do it. Don’t do it for Alex, Alex, Joe, Amilcar, Astrid, Gaby, or Jenny. Do it for your fucking self, you asshole.

You are a human being. the fact that you are still here says a lot: You are more important than someone or something else. You are here because you survive. You overcome. You adapt.

Fuck me, man. Fuck me hard. fuck duck. dick duck duck go. good thing the IT guys at my school blocked my blog, they won’t be hearing my swearing any time soon.

fucking referees and FTAs. someone did this.

had to be done. same thing happened when that alliance was with another team. 2 robots being disconnected, from same alliance.

yet the refs/ftas did presque shit-nothing even we told them so.

we supposedly lost comms. more like someone might have installed some RF interferrer to fuck with us.

kill me, man. No, don’t.

I want to date Astrid, and I will.

I am going to.

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