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Nice website

Posted on: 03/30/22 17:15:15
Last edited: 03/30/22 17:15:15

After reading one of the top posts on Ask HN this day, I stumbled upon this blog search engine, known as blogsurf. It’s a blog search engine.

Small community. 200 blogs ! oh my god, that’s nothing! Anyways, eventually I saw one of the top blogs and stumbled upon

The articles seem promising, I read a couple but got to the middle of each one and then left. Eventually, I clicked on the ‘about’ page and started reading the ‘wait but who’. Very meta web-site. This about page acknowledges the hurdles of maintaining a website whilst working a (maybe?) full-time job.

3 members apparently. They seem funny.

Some articles that I think seem promising but I actually haven’t read: - why i can’t post on time - religion for the non-religious - and of course, the funny faq page: faq

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