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Git server upgrade!

Posted on: 04/02/22 22:14:30
Last edited: 04/04/22 17:59:55

So, as of yesterday I was running a git over ssh server. Which isn’t even a server per se, since it just runs software that was already installed on my system. (ssh)

But this approach isn’t very useful. It does not allow me to update my git repositories (including my blog) through restricted networks, such as the institution I study at. Port 22 is indeed restricted.

So I thought, I’ve always seen that https/ssh/zip button link thing on github. Why can’t I do that ? Isn’t https like allowed on almost any network ? So I started investigating.

According to the git-scm [0] reference manual, there are other ways to host servers. One of them is using a CGI script that runs server-side.

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. It’s a standard protocol that is to be run server-side to provide HTTP content on-demand. Most popular webservers will provide plugins to run CGI scripts. This protocol takes a few environment variables and just returns the HTTP response just as if it were a server. In the future, I’d love to make my own ‘CGI Server’.

So I tried to set up my lighttpd web server to route all requests for the domain to the CGI script.

I must say, this was a pain in the ass, but this is my working configuration file.

when i have the time i’ll explain it over.

please don’t hack me.


lighttpd useful links

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