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Hacking with The Blue Alliance

Posted on: 11/09/21 17:50:46
Last edited: 11/09/21 19:10:55

Another year, another FRC Season. I’m currently in the Tecbot 3158 First Robotics Competition, a great way in which students of all STEM fields can show their abilities through teamwork.

Right now, I’m in the engineering part. My job, for now, is to gather scouting data for our team to analyze with maybe some ML models or just to make simple statistics.


Thankfully, TBA (the blue alliance) has a public read-access (and write, i believe) API, it’s JSON and it lets you access almost everything. You just have to sign in with google and get an API key. Now use any HTTP-GET friendly request to retrieve data. Just remember to assign the HTTP header X-TBA-Auth-Key to the API key you receive.

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