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Posted on: 03/01/22 13:50:50
Last edited: 03/02/22 13:49:57

here it is:

Hello there. I am a self-taught programmer and have been working with robotics for about 4 years, mostly within FRC. I am the lead programmer of the software team of my local robotics FRC Team, known as tecbot [0]. I have a blog that I built and self-host with an old computer [1]. I am looking for an internship. I have experience with systems administration of my own website, among some services here and there ( e.g. git repo: [2]. I am a high school senior and will be starting a CS Engineering degree in the Fall of 2022.

  Location:    Toluca, Mexico.
  Remote:      Yes
  Willing to relocate: Yes
  Technologies: C, Linux, Java, wpilib, webservers, C#, Unity3D, html.
  Email: heror0484 [at] protonmail [dot] com
  Github: trevcan
  Languages: English (C1), native Spanish, basic French.