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Posted on: 11/08/21 23:56:35
Last edited: 11/08/21 23:56:35

originally posted on : 2021-11-06

Hello there,

I’ve been trying out several bloggin systems but none of them seem to work as I expect them. Well, to be frank, the only blogging systems I’ve been trying are only Jekyll/Github based. The only thing I want is a nice hacker-like aesthethic because why not and minimalist software that doesn’t have a ton shit of folders like Jekyll, I just don’t get why I can’t add posts anywhere other than in _posts/!!.

Also, this is a check to see if this post actually gets built because only the sample posts have appeared so far !!. Edit: You know what?, why not start doing it right fucking know lol. I guess I’ll create a test repo where I can idk do shit and test blogit.