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Today is Friday my dudes !

Posted on: 09/30/22 09:48:34
Last edited: 09/30/22 09:48:34

Hello Stranger. I am me. And i’m blogging.

I feel kinda bad, ok ?

Should I ? I don’t know. I enjoyed all this. The human mind works in very mysterious ways… insert another lame cliché here

I don’t even know how to feel. i don’t know what to think. The only thing that I know for certain is that I’ve balanced my wrong-doings.

Last Tuesday I lied. I gave into a lie. But I’m an honest person, yet I had the choice to not choose to lie. But I fucking did!! And I’m not saying it’s the other person’s fault for suggesting to lie but in fact, it was my fault. Cause it’s my life, my part in the lie!, am I right ?

Well yeah, of course I’m right and if I’m not say it to me by whichever means you consider, ok ?

Now, today I think I’ve redeemed myself by not lying and by doing the exact opposite of what happened if I lied.

And I feel good about it.

At least I know that, so let’s not forget that, alright ?

I like falling in love. It was a nice experience. I would do it again, many many times.

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