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On a bus.

Posted on: 01/26/24 14:34:03
Last edited: 01/26/24 14:34:03

Today, hello. I am writing slightly uncomfortably on a moving bus. It looks small from the back. But it’s indeed a relatively large bus. It is the first time I use one of these tables. There are tables for eight passengers. Always at the back. Are they eight tables? Or just two? They seem to be two. Since on each side of the bus there are four seats, two seats facing another two seats. With a table in the middle. And then there are these little arm/tablerests on top of the big table with hinges attached to it. And they say not to put your arms over it. But that’s really what it’s for. Maybe they mean your full weight or something.

Anyways, apparently there is WiFi. I’ve never used the WiFi on this bus. I like to be out of connection when being on a bus.

Although calls do come in every once in a while. From my parents, mostly. I haven’t written in a big while. My last post must be more than a month old, I think. Esteban read it, thank you Esteban.

Waht to write about? So many thoughts on my mind. The sound is ever-so increasingly loud. Metal banging against plastic, I think. Or maybe metal against metal and some plastic in there. I just feel like this experience is weird.

There’s a movie playing on the bus with the (probably main) character being played by the guy who is in many Wes Anderson movies. With an oval face. There’s a guy with a Macintosh sitting near me. He is in the section with tables. He’s on the left side of the bus. But he’s the closest one to the aisle. I’m also next to the aisle, but on the right side of the bus and sitting at the back. He’s sitting one seat before the back.

I think this is the first time in a while that I don’t sleep on a bus. It has been a while. I remembered it quieter. I believe the transmission and motor stuff are just more audible in the back of the bus than say, the front.

This is a good start. end for now.

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