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Listing Installed Fonts on *NIX systems

Posted on: 04/22/22 21:29:15
Last edited: 05/11/22 21:20:09

weird, right !?

There’s the fc-list command. This binary is installed with the fontconfig package on Arch Linux.

But if you don’t want to install 1.1 MB of not-so-useful stuff, you can list your installed fonts by going to this directory:


then you can run something like tree. There will be several folders and a ton of .ttf files. my dir listing looks like this:

> ls /usr/share/fonts
adobe-source-code-pro  gnu-free           liberation  old            ttf-linux-libertine
cantarell              gsfonts            misc        TTF            xscreensaver
encodings              kanjistrokeorders  noto        ttf-jetbrains

you can now get all your installed fonts on your Linux system!


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