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blogging while at physics class

Posted on: 03/30/22 18:06:38
Last edited: 03/30/22 18:06:38

i was not drugged while writing this blog post. maybe drugged with too much feelings wait, actually i do think some medicines I took might have altered this. whatever, man.

beware, sensitive topics ahead

with Gaby and JP.

Who am I ? Who are you ?

Just write, motherfucker!

A ver, voy a regresarme, llegamos hasta aqui, sacamos el voltaje de esto, va esto, y luego esto se rompe y […]

.24, no ?

no, a mi me dio .29

ok, so what to write ? So meta, man!

Depression. I should not fuck with my friends.

I think I am worrying them. But why should I worry about my friends when I’m barely worried about myself ?

Gaby wants me to make a meme. That sounds shit-stupid in english.

Gaby quiere que haga un meme, dice que ayudará al ánimo.

Ok, de qué me gustaría hacer un meme ? Ni idea, wey. “Wey, ya!” []

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