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Speed running today

Posted on: 03/22/22 10:32:01
Last edited: 03/22/22 10:35:04

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Hello. I woke up several times and tried to sleep and turned off my shitty alarms.

Eventually, Joe called. I answered. I understood, my voice was clearly fucked up. I think I’m dehydrated.

Then an alarm started to sound at the same time I was taking the phone call ! What a silly design choice, Apple ! Then I woke up, went to the bathroom, tried not to die.

I then started committing a lot of changes. Then I pushed. And I pushed.

I got 500'ed by github. What a shame. Github is my go-to remote git provider. It works over https, aka firewalls don’t tell me no. I had some respect for Github.

But I had to push this as fast as I could. So I ssh'ed into my home server, then created a bare git repo and pushed to that.

Since my friend is in a proxy plus firewalle’d network, he couldn’t use his ssh keys so I sent him a link to this:

And that works over https ! Push doesn’t work over http/(s) but yeah. He was able to pull in no time and could get my code. So that’s good I guess.

[0]: speed running today’s [blog]. I should probably eat now, it’s 10:30 in the morning and I haven’t attended any of my high school courses. I should go to tecbot.

Ok, bye

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