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This is my terminal.

Posted on: 04/21/22 21:24:44
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I will - at least for now - not tell you the specifications, but what can be seen closest from the eye.

First, a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, whom I barely know. I only know that he has been one of the most important human rights activists around the world, or at least that has been portrayed by the Western Media. I know he is from India and was part of several peaceful protests to liberate the country from Britain.

The quote is short, yet simple.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very
important that you do it.

In other words, even when you think that whatever you are doing might not have an effect on society or others, it might actually have it; even if it’s not so obvious. Maybe successful people, startup leaders, millionaires will say that this is merely obvious. Maybe because successful or ‘popular’ people within the success bubble are used to growing a real kind-of-an-ass conscience. Success can be seen in many ways. But I think that people ultimately want power. Power leads to control. Some of these may be achieved with money. But others just with commitment. Commitment to follow your gut, not just fucking numbers. Who cares if people say that nobody will want electric scooters or that selling books through weird screens that connect through the telephone and make weird noises will revolutionize the industry. Success stories from tech are just so inspiring to me for some reason. They certainly committed to some of their dreams and actually did them. Even if they were at the brink of losing it all. Just like when Elon Musk invested almost all of his money in Tesla and attempted to create an actually good electric vehicle. and he made a nice sports car. Respect. But now his company kinda sucks, he uses proprietary software and doesn’t let people hack their car. Just bans people from their super-charger network. Limits right-to-repair on the car. But Tesla’s mission was never to be a good company. It was to revolutionize the car industry.

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Well, yeah. technically tesla was not founded by Elon Musk. More like he was the fucking angel investor who took his chances and bought like 90% of the stock even when the company was almost doomed to fail.

So yeah, tesla's mission is not to be a good company, or create a good product. Maybe they are kind of attempting to do this, or they were at some point in time. They merely wanted to spark competition. This has made very big companies to heavily invest in real electric vehicle technology. Including some that Tesla may not even have. But are electric vehicles really a good thing ? Not sure.

Maybe I’ll talk about that in another article. Let’s move on to the next quote from my terminal.

Wu wei

I actually forgot what this meant. Somewhere on the internet I stumbled upon chinese philosophy. After a quick duckduckgo search I found out that Conficius was kind of the guy who coined the term. It comes from taoism, a philosophy of life - sometimes referred to as a religion [0]. In Chinese, wu wei literally means inaction. It refers to actions that are effortlessly executed without even thinking about them, just doing them and aligning to our needs, not our desires.

next phrase.

CONTROL your vices

this is a phrase I made up. Control. Meaning, Get a handle of.... your vices. my vices. vices meaning these things, attitudes, actions, thoughts that may take your life and thoughts away from what you have to do.

and then an almost verbatim definition from the merriam webster dictionary of the word vice

vice (Merriam Webster) \ ˈvīs \ Definition of vice (Entry 1 of 4) 1. b: a moral fault or failing 2. : BLEMISH, DEFECT 5. : an abnormal behavior pattern in a domestic animal detrimental to its health or usefulness.

first definition: a moral fault or failing. Moral. Talks about morals. Kinda good and wrong. Fault. Something that may have been wrong, corrupted. Failing. Not working well.

second definition: BLEMISH, DEFECT. simply something that is not supposed to be there.

third definition. an abnormal behavior pattern in a domestic animal detrimental to its health or usefulness. weird but ok. but the most correct one, I’d say. I am domesticated. By my own conscience and rationality. I am indeed an animal. A human animal. Aware of its conscience. And yes, vices are detrimental, detrimental to the health or usefulness to the creatures who are executing them.

and last but not least, quote:

carpe diem

Latin for seize the day. I first heard of this on the movie The dead poets society. Very good movie. Sad, but true. Yet really captures reality. it is simply a phrase for living in the moment, not worrying about past or future or maybe not even having a notion of time! But wait. The phrase already mentions ‘day’. A word that can only be interpreted if we have time, right. Well, yeah. I just thought about that. But there’s not much to it. Maybe if you put my face in front of you i’d be a tad bit more inspired to talk to you about the why I chose these phrases to appear every time I open my terminal. But whatever. have a nice day.



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