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What are names anyway ?

Posted on: 04/07/22 11:12:02
Last edited: 04/09/22 14:33:28

just about four minutes ago I stumbled upon a good friend of mine, Nacho. He was with her friend, Betzabé. I couldn’t remember the name. Nor did she remember mine. So we did not salute. Then Cindy arrived. I did remember Cindy’s name. Then I asked them about where the Auditorium 1 was. Apparently I had fucked up. It was in the high school building, not in undergrad. Then I told Betzabe hello, and sincerely said that I couldn’t remember her name. “Betzabé”, she told me. She confessed she didn’t remember mine either.

So this story / blog post shall be meant to be used for future reference when trying to remember Betzabè’s name. Betzabé. Betzabé. Betzabé. Betzabé. Her name is Betzabé. Almost all of the times I’ve encountered Nacho I’ve also encountered with Betzabé. Weird name. Three syllables. or Betza, maybe ? Nah, I’ll confuse her with someone who’s actually referred to as Betza. Are you though ? Are you referred to as Betza, Betzabé ?

Who knows, lol. Just a fun story I felt like writing I guess. Back to the always-late-cause-we're-inmexico-and-stuff.


Other names I’ve sometimes forgotten:

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