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I drank coffee

Posted on: 05/01/22 00:45:37
Last edited: 05/01/22 00:50:55

Maybe this is placebo but point is I kind of am a distracted person and feel like my heart is pounding relatively fast.

Yet today I decided to drink at seven in the p.m. one and a half cups of american medium-roasted coffee from Garat. and i ate it with some cookies. maybe too many cookies. Then I started using my phone like a crazy person and started sending a shit-ton of links to a friend. Maybe I went overboard with the links.

And the coffee kinda made me happy. I’ve never felt this alive before.

Like ideas just flow into my head and I execute them. Or maybe I’m just being very reactive to my vices. Since, yes, being on instagram for like five hours straight is not healthy. Also, I got on a call with another friend and helped him out on a school project which I hadn’t even started at the time, then got him to let me join his team. The code was almost kind of done, and he made most of it. I feel bad for that. Kinda.

I don’t know. But maybe without me he wouldn’t have gotten the last coding part. We barely saw any programming principles in class.

Also, is it ok to have for dinner only oatmeal with some granola ? And then take antidepressants and an antibiotic ? I hope I don’t fuck up my stomach.

My keyboard definitely makes a ton of noises when typing.

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