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A funny short film.

Posted on: 04/21/22 20:37:21
Last edited: 04/21/22 20:50:32

what the film NUMBER 2 here:

Click here to view my review. With spoilers of course.

The film tests the boundaries at which we will conserve and preserve and save intimacy. And embarassment. I guess Danish women aren’t expected to fart randomly at a supermarket or in front of a male friend, are they ? Pretty embarassing if you ask me. I don’t understand why she didn’t go to the store bathroom; maybe there wasn’t one…

Of course, we shall discuss other things. Like the fact that she didn’t want to tell her friend that she was actually busy and instead held a relatively long conversation with her friend.

I guess boundaries go a long way. Just as she did not have the trust to say I have an emergency she might do that when not feeling safe.

It is impossible to determine how humans will work under a society based on rules and social movements, structures, and just anything at all. Like how do you define what’s acceptable ? is it f'ing ok to say “Hey I have to fucking poop, get out of the way!” ? I would probably say that. Because I’m honest, sincere. I appreciate honesty. I don’t like to bluff. If someone wants me out of people’s private conversations and I’m there. I won’t leave until these people tell me. And if I get the cue that they’re telling me to gtfo, well then I will tell them ok but to just be direct.

I don’t know what else to say. Seems like people put big effort into this film.

It uses several examples of embarassment as away to engage the viewer, or maybe not. Maybe that’s the 5,4,3,2,1... at the beginning. That kinda gives us a feeling of fake nostalgia that never happened. Because who’s actually watched a real movie with those countdown numbers. But now I’m criticizing myself for saying ‘real movie’. what is that, anyways? How do you define a good movie ? A good film ? Was this a short film ? Or just a film ? Would it be bad to name this as a good film, who decides a good length for a film. Why should the amount of effort matter or the amount of time or anything at all.

Humans have reason. Or a conscience, as we say. We are incapable of imagining thoughts without being aware of the thoughts themselves. Very weird indeed. And yet we live in society; we communicate and have these complex hierarchy instructions that sometimes let us have more power, and therefore more control, and money.

What is it that we ultimately want in life ? Don’t know.

Maybe I went too far on this one. Let me know if this sucks or rocks!

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