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Rant on "Writing"-ish tools

Posted on: 11/18/21 19:30:23
Last edited: 04/29/22 12:18:56

whoami ? well, honestly, no one to have the authority to say anything relevant regarding this issue. I am merely a teenager so please you have all the right to ignore this stuff; also, i don’t know why i just wrote this paragraph.

Well, let’s get to it. Thanks to my respect to myself of privacy and the right to actually have an annoying private life and talk to people, browse the internets without actually being spied on and be farmed on as a farm animal for personal data I have several ads coming up very often. Repeating themselves. A lot. Literally, a lot lot lotlotststs.

The ad that’s annoying me the most is Le Grammarly. You’ve probably heard of it if you’re a student, unfortunately. I don’t have any actual grudge against spell checkers or whatever but I think taking the things to a much farther level is bad. You shouldn’t be inferring or passive-aggressively suggesting grammar styles to students. They should write like they want, of course when turning in an assignment check your spelling and coherence of ideas or whatever; but that’s it! Literally it! I shouldn’t have a little shit software tell me that I’ve plagiarized something! If I have, I will definitely know myself. Okay, maybe if you forget but that’s it. Also, I think that these kinds of companies that most likely use a shit-load of data-sets to infer what should be written are wrong. Just like several machine learning algos have proven to have very biased datasets, this could prove a new era of having biased opinions, essays, and ideas in general. We do not have to put everything thru a pseudo-fancy software that tells you which ideas are right and wrong and/or (in) coherently written. That’s literally the job of your teacher. If you’re leaving it up to gruh-meourlee to tell you what to write you shouldn’t consider writing at all. It’s your writing! It’s yur ideas! Decide for yourself. fuck up for yourself and don’t.

yeah, that’s it. Maybe I’ll do one on the cheesy-like software if you know what I’m talking about. I’ll maybe rant about plagiarism and capitalised knowledge when studying. Not sure if I said that write. English is (not?) my first language. I was born in the U.S. but only lived there for 4 years ffs, so I guess I’ve absorbed a style of my own and I should note, most of the internet/media content I view / watch / listen to is in English, so yeah, there’s that. Whatever.

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