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Posted on: 04/16/22 23:42:01
Last edited: 04/17/22 00:05:20

so we now have a new domain !

unless you read the mediagoblin post, read this !

visit me now @ to see my blog ! instead of the long kinda fishy domain Although it was a great start I now use

I acquired it for a time of one year - for free btw. And the whole domain is mine !

so yeah, I could write or literally point is, I can now share my site just as and they’ll see the main page of my site.

same as

so yeah.

I got this through one of the github education offers with the Dot-Tech domains company. By the way, I wasn’t even able to change my account password. This startup seems kinda fishy, but hey I got a free domain ! Their support never answered me. the domain interface is weird and ultimately, I do need since it’s what anyone who accesses has to check since in the DNS record is literally just an alias to

And right now I don’t want the hastle of setting up a nameserver system. Since that’s what is acting as! dot-tech provides some name-servers which I could in theory use but I don’t think they have an API to rapidly change my never-changing ip addresses.

So that’s that.

I’m leaving some links below as well on some things that helped me set it up.

Also, you may now check my re-styled CSS git repo !
now available @ !

Why do I sound like speaking broken english ! who know ? I don’t speak like this, I hope.


I hope that by the end of this week I’ll have a set up so I can upload any of my youtube videos to my computer and let anyone stream them from anywhere.

I’ll probably be using peertube, it uses torrents, among other things; so I hope it doesn’t saturate my network.

Maybe I’ll promote my blog, but I don’t have any good ideas yet.

I also plan on explaining how I set up my website, from top to bottom; including my blog.

okay so bye.

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