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I talked to a human.

Posted on: 04/11/22 11:24:01
Last edited: 04/14/22 17:08:29

Nothing new, I guess.

Why am I making this blog post ? Well, I’m dumb. No, I’m not dumb. I’m just trying to have an inner conversation and some kind of introspection to understand what is going on, man!

Why am I like this ??

Why do I self-sabotage ( is it with j or g ? oh yeah in english it’s definitely with g, right ? ) ??? !!!

Don’t self-sabotage Hector!

You promised Tim that you’d be good enough and work on time. He has been nothing less than tolerant with you ! And that’s a good thing. Seems like a nice guy.

Honestly, some people warned me that it could be a scam and that I’d be tutoring for free whilst he’d be selling ads on the discord chat or whatever. But it isn’t a scam!!

This person is real. He works a real job. Kinda boring, but not boring to death. But he created this foundation that helps highschool kids learn programming and also career-changing adults to learn technology and get into coding jobs.

So that’s good. And I’ve met good people. Yet I have barely done any work.

I promised Tim, I promised some friends I’d do stuff; yet I haven’t done it !! Why, hector ?

Why are you still here ?!?! just writing this shit out on the vim text editor which you think is cool because george hotz (a.k.a. geohot or t0mcr00se ) talked about it ONCE on a recorded live stream that you did not pay for and now I use it ! But it’s cool because I’m a Linux guy, right ? I think I got into Linux because of George, so thanks for that george. And george was also the guy who introduced my to tiling window managers when I was first starting out with Linux.

I tried out XMonad, actually.

But again, why the fuck am I still writing here !?!?!?!

Just get to work, man! don’t try to get people’s attention if you don’t deserve it.

No, fortunately I’m not suicidal. Am I a pathological liar ? No, I am a doer. Hector, you are a doer. You promise stuff.

When you don’t achieve it, you should be honest with yourself and with the people you promised it to. You should let them know that you’re a procrastinator - a professional procrastinator. Oh, God! WHy would you even say that you are a professional procrastinator.?!?!?!?

What the hell does that even mean !? No, man. You are sabotaging yourself, your relationships, your careeer.

Calm the fuck down, Hector.

Put your server on a fucking etc/hosts file and get over it !

Just to brag, this is my /etc/hosts file right now:

# Static table lookup for hostnames.
# See hosts(5) for details.   localhost
::1     localhost   t490-4rch.localdomain   t490-4rch

that is all. Maybe i’ll add my server here after pushing this blog post and just ignore it.

Today, I’ll try to as be zen as possible.

Don’t even spell-check this shit, man.

Mistakes are made, and you probably aready know that I’d have corrected them or maybe I did not or ma8ybe I will.jjj1

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