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Weirdness of entropy or the Absurdity of Entropy.

Posted on: 04/18/22 09:39:24
Last edited: 04/18/22 15:03:54

note: my friend Gaby thinks that I did not touch entropy enough. Fair enough, I don’t really dive into the definition or the concept.

Okay, so I just got back from Veracruz. As usual, I am procrastinating and not doing my calculus assignment; instead, I’ll tell you about a story about entropy, destiny, and I do not know what else.

Okay, so I was in Veracruz, up until Saturday. On Saturday I went away - with my family - to Tlaxcala, about halfway to where I live. On Sunday we continued the route and got to my house. Then we unpacked, my parents told me to actually get all my stuff up to my room so that they wouldn’t take up that much space in the house. Then we rested for a little bit and went away to eat, since there wasn’t much food in the house. We had been away for about a week.

Then, while we were in the car, I realized I was not wearing my seatbelt. Weird thing was that this SUV always beeps with a very fucking high pitch when someone does not have their seatbelt on.

But how might the vehicle detect if someone is not using their seatbelt ? Well, the seatbelt buckle is made of metal, so maybe there’s two terminals in the seatbelt socket that close a circuit. And it only beeps if there’s weight on the seat. But the thing is that if you’re already in the car - without your seatbelt- and then you start the car, the car will think that you’re just a load, meaning it won’t complain if you do not have your seatbelt on. All of this I am assuming from my very few experiences in this SUV, in (or on?) the passenger seat.

So, anyways, I am going out to eat. In this car, with my family. I do not have my seatbelt on. Then I think, what are the odds that we crash while I do not have my seatbelt on ? Hmmm, who knows I think. Just a not-so-odd thought that popped into my head. All of a sudden, a car from the other side of the road - who was going in the opposite direction - just turned and gased the pedal and went into our side of the road while my dad was going through a green. I think she wanted to park but wanted to have better visibility when exiting. So she ( I think ) was going to go left, would then backup and align to the parking spot. Which is- as you might expect- perpendicular to the road.

So then my father pressed the brakes so hard that I could have died. Nah, just joking, I don’t think I would have died. Maybe if I had been in the middle seat. But I was on the right-passenger seat. Without my seatbelt. So my reflexes came in and I just started to try and make tension with my legs and push towards the copilot seat so that my legs would take the force of the sudden breaking and I wouldn’t have a bruise on my head. So yeah, that’s that. Then my father started to bash the horn so hard that it was probably heard on the whole intersection and maybe several meters away.

yeah, entropy is so fucking weird. What was the probability that whilst I was thinking the probability of being in a crash whilst not wearing my seatbelt I would crash ? Probably a whole fucking lot. But hey, maybe math or statistics people will tell me that I’m an asshole for not wearing my seatbelt because the probability is reasonably high because just look at the birthday paradox. The probablity that 100 people will have the same birthday is super high even though there’s 365 days to choose from.

I do not know what else to say. Maybe I will blog later in the day, I will try to stop procrastinating now. arrivederci, my dudeees. ( my fork of the it's wednesday my dudeees... vine ).

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