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A not-so-long plane ride.

Posted on: 06/01/22 13:23:00
Last edited: 06/01/22 13:23:00

but one without headphones

Technically, I did get earphones. But I just got a kinda severe ear infection from which I am just recovering and it has been a wild ride.

One of my ears used to be plugged but I didn’t do much about it until it started to hurt. I went to a party and then left early because one of my ears was practically burning, or at least that’s what it felt like. Next day I went to the doctor and he told me that I had an ear infection. But this doctor showed me what was inside my ear. And in the other one too. The difference was clear. The ear conduct in the bad ear was very small and red, there were little pimples inside it which were just inflammation. It certainly hurt. Plus, the timbre was barely visible.

And he gave me a shit-load of meds, and now I have to apply some eardrops every 8 hours plus other pills and such. And now it doesn’t hurt, so that’s good! And I’m flying right now and wrote this as the plane was landing, which is a completely unnecessary comment yet one I chose to make.

Anyways, the subtitle of this blog post is one without headphones. I chose not to bring my in-ear headphones because they are very uncomfortable and they might have been the cause to the infection in the first place. So I chose not to bring them at all. But in the plane I was offered some. At first I thought of just saying no, but two people around me said yes so I kinda had to go with it, you know, society ! But I just opened them, barely saw them, then put them in those bags in airplanes and I never used them at all during the plane ride.

I tried to not use digital devices during the flight. I didn’t watch any movies because I didn’t have any over-ear headphones. Plus, I wanted to relax. I tried not to use my phone. Only at the end did I use it. I tried reading a book I had around, I started it a few days ago. It was published in 1980 and I found it at a small independent bookstore, for $10 Mexican pesos. That is, 50 cents of the American dollar. Yes, indeed!

Well, now to the book itself. It is called “Petróleo
El recurso más allá de la capacidad de negociación.” If you don’t know Spanish it means “Petroleum (or oil). More than just a bargaining tool”.

And well, the book talks about oil, gas. Petroleum. It is pretty sincere in the fact that it’s absorbed every conceivable physical thing around us. And he’s right. Still very true in 2022.

But guess what ? I tried to read several pages but I was falling asleep. I barely read one page and after that just fiddled with my thoughts, trying to ignore the crying and screaming from young children in front of me.

I eventually fell asleep. I got woken up to have some breakfast from the airline, since it was an almost four-hour flight. But I refused to have any breakfast, as I had already eaten before boarding the plane. Then I got offered some beverages, I kindly accepted an orange juice. It was nice, I could have ordered maybe a cup of water but I did not. I was tired. Eventually I woke up from my sleep. The person to my left was watching a random movie and the person to my right was also watching a movie. But I did not want to watch any movies or use my phone. Instead, I read and I read. The book is nice. I haven’t finished it, just read a few pages but the writing of the book interests me a lot. He uses grammatical expressions that one just does not find in a post-2000 book. It uses expressions which - at first - appear as nonsense but eventually make a tiny bit of sense.

The book is written in Spanish and maybe some of them will not translate well into English but I’ll eventually put them up here.

I think that’s enough blogging for today, or is it ?

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