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Addicted to Black points

Posted on: 03/30/22 17:45:00
Last edited: 03/30/22 17:45:23

written on march 29th

I am addicted to hacker news

Or maybe I am just too much of an asshole to want to talk to my friends.

I don’t have anything to say. I’ve recoursed back into using my phone more often, and not leaving it behing. I used to leave it behind when going to the bathroom, for a walk or just for anything, actually.

Yet today I was very worried. I really liked someone, I told her that I liked her but she was in shock. I didn’t see her again until like four hours later. I tried to talk to her but I guess she didn’t want to.

So yeah, she does not like me. Yes, indeed.

Anyways, that has somewhat something to do with the black points over the orange background. Yes, I am referring to hacker news. Specifically, the points I have accumulated on my profile [0].

I’ve noticed that I do not enjoy reading the orange news anymore. Every once in a while - more like a shit-more often than before - I’ve clicked on the new section of news. Meaning, even news aren’t ‘that’ ranked but they appear almost as they are submitted by users all around the globe.

But I don’t even find the normal hacker news ranked content nor the show nor the ask nor the newest news hacker news relevant to me anymore. Yet I check and check and check and check and check.

A few interesting articles here and there, but I don’t finish them. They kinda bore me to death.

Fortunately, my relationship with that person I was talking about is fine, but yeah she’s told me that I am not liked by her. But she’s a very good person and by no means I would like to ruin our friendship. You are a good friend Astrid. You too Fatima, for reading my blog and being there and teaching me chinese.


I hope that means bye.


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