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Today: working towards an internship ?

Posted on: 01/15/22 18:08:27
Last edited: 01/15/22 18:08:27

this is probably a rant, discretion is advised but not obligatory.

Hello. It’s been a while since I wrote something public.

I’ve been in school - physically - and haven’t got much time to do stuff. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve been in school but have gotten tons of free time. But let’s not shame ourselves, right ? I was supposed to start blogging just when I turned on my computer today.

But I just spent an hour with bloat on my computer. Opening chrome, converting an email to an image but first trying to save it as HTML but turns out the HTML is js-filled with shit that doesn’t even contain the email, then uploading it to my server (look, it’s live!.

and then thinking that I should set up a website that uses mediagoblin because why tf not? Well, because peertube is too fucking hard to set up. But maybe mediagoblin is too.

They got all these ton-shit dependencies. I mean, why the fuck do you need a MySQL-professional grade database running on my system for it to work. I’ve tried the docker instances for both mediagoblin and peertube but it’s just a lot of software stacks! I mean I’d love to have something like this showing my videos/ drawings, etc… but I don’t even know who I am.

Anyways, the point of this blog post was to write that I was going to try to do something to make my life better. The truth is, through my high-school journey I’ve been with a scholarship. Nothing to be ashamed of. But I fucked up. I’m a senior now and didn’t do anything good enough in terms of grades for school. I need to have an average of at least 85 to keep my scholarship through high school.

But to apply to another scholarship when entering college - yes, I’m staying there and i think it’s good enough - I must have an average of 90 as a minimum! Lame!!!

In other words, my dad’s shitting himself in debt because high school is already expensive as it is and in six months I’ll be in college and he won’t have that much money to pay.

So I gotta think of ways to make actual money. I’ve never had a job before. I used to clean my dad’s shoes after work and he’d give me a 20, a 50, sometimes an 80 (this is in Mexican pesos, a.k.a. a one-buck, a two and fifty, and 4 bucks, respectively).

A few months ago in December 2021 I tried to get a job at a computer/printer/phone repair shop but didn’t get a reply. I was too lazy to reply again and say something like, so you want me or not?

But now I’m like not that long from maybe getting my father into much more debt so I gGOTTA make money!!

Physical money, yes, not just philosophy or learning stuff or linux or programming or going out or helping people but getting someone else to give me money for something that I do.

So I though of places where I’d like to work at. I don’t want to work at places where their job is to steal other people’s data. No NONO NONO . morally incorrect, very. for now I don’t want to work at a crazy FAANGM company!.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The reality is the only place I though of to actually work at is . Yes, that small startup that is changing the world and I think has more than a million miles of possible training data to make autonomous cars.

So I got to their careers page and eventually found out that they require some kidn of programming challenge to enter their company. I had read about this on an HN post I submitted, it was one of George’s blogposts.

ah, shit I got caught off again procrastinating when trying to find my hn submission. here it is.

anyways, I should do this programming challenge and probably should ask for a maybe remote internship ?

But one step at a time I guess…

I should probably eat.

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