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Posted on: 01/21/23 23:58:21
Last edited: 01/21/23 23:58:21

Hello, world!

What am i doing here? what am i doing now ? i do not really know. i can tell that i am writing. i am writing on a text editor, on vim, on an operating system called linux.

but how do i feel? because for some reason i keep thinking and thinking and thinking. but sometimes none of that thinking sticks.

i think too much. i am a person with ideas that flow. i am not directing those ideas anywhere, really. why don’t i?

i don’t know, i am unsure. i am writing to remind myself that i used to do this, write. I used to write on my blog.

maybe someone will read it, maybe someone will not. i also want to remind myself this blod, it is a record of some of my thoughts and should act as an archive of my mind. of the structure of it. or maybe not at all. some articles are highly edited, some are just written as i’m thinking about them. varies by a lot.

anyways, there’s some people i’ve met. in these short two weeks i’ve met tons of people. maybe my expectations were too high and i expected people with too much of me, with too much of my breed.

but i’ve learned that there’s variety. i’ve met people. hopefully someone reads this and finds meaning in some of the thoughts said herein (is this the right fancy way to use this word?).

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