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Posted on: 05/08/22 13:07:05
Last edited: 05/08/22 13:07:05

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Okay, fine. The DLL injection on the windows 10 uninstaller is a fair vulnerability.

But what the hell happened to ‘I own my machine’. I can take pride in fucking up and accepting my own decisions !?!?

where’s the unix philosophy at ?

since when do I have to own a git repo to look at it? Wasn’t this the decentralized control versioning system created by Linus Torvalds? The one that he kinda made in about 2 weeks but has been the top CVS for what ?, more than 12 years now ?

I mean, this is an absurd decision. Hundreds of CI/CD (Continuous integration / Continuous delivery ).

Even my fucking simple AF git hooks died. Since I am running as another more-unprivileged user now I don’t have the right to clone a repo who’s owned by another user in the system ? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with that !?

This is, in my opinion, certainly a stupid decision.

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