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MediaGoblin won't work.

Posted on: 04/11/22 01:46:04
Last edited: 04/11/22 01:46:04

Hello. I have recently acquired a domain for some time, called ‘’ and you may not visit my site using that domain name.

e.g. Yes, I kinda own the whole domain! I now have a revamped git repo at !

Anyways, I’m getting very off-topic. For some time now I’ve been wanting to have a video streaming platform that allows you to view videos from my server, without youtube or vimeo or peertube or whatever. I found about peertube through Luke Smith’s instance in which he hosts some exclusive – yet still free - content.

Which sometimes forced me to instead go to that site instead of youtube since sometimes he just won’t altogether post any new videos on youtube but will on peertube.

I also knew about odysee through Mental Outlaw. Not that mental outlaw is bad or anything, but I don’t like that much the decentralized platform that consumes a ton of resources on your client web browser and will just lag even on a moder web browser.

I like luke’s peertube instance. It’s fast and stable. even if it uses webtorrent ! Plus, I can download the files and the interface doesn’t seem so bloated – although this may be just my bias but whatever…

Anyways, I haven’t even talked about the title of this blog post yet! Have I now ?!

Ok, so the Mediagoblin deployment is not working on Arch Linux ?

Why ? because why not I guess.

But what is MediaGoblin ? Well, it is an attempt at making an un-bloated self-hosted streaming video platform.

But it just won’t install on Arch Linux. I don’t know.

I followed official guides on how to set this up yet it won’t work.

There are apparently documented issues that show that this is, indeed, an issue specific to some Linux distributions and the autoconf package! Why… and that’s made by GNU! so get ur stuff together, GNU!

this is the official bug report from the GNU Mediagoblin issue tracker:

ther useful links:

So yeah. Maybe I’ll try setting up peertube or something.

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